Fanzia Metaverse

Fanzia will enter the metaverse in Q2 of 2023! Proceeds from NFT's and other tokens will be invested in digital infrastructure and partnerships that will lead to THE WORLD's FIRST FAN-CENTRIC, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, AND MEDIA VIRTUAL WORLD! Showcase you fandom to the world by adding earned accessories and swag to your avatar and build your collection in your virtual locker room! Buy virtual stadiums, tracks, concert halls, and earn $FANZ when hosting games, selling VR concessions, and getting sponsored!

$FANZ Token Integration

In Q1 of 2023, we will release our token $FANZ to be made available for fans and investors. In app points that are earned will also be transferred to tokens! Fans can use these tokens to purchase concessions, NFT's and even stake them for crypto!

Citizenship NFT Sale

The Citizenship NFT will be made available for sale in Q3 of 2022! Fans who own the NFT will also own a portion of Fanzia and obtain access to Sporting and other community events and receive periodic airdrops of tokens, merch, concessions, and other unique gifts reserved exclusively for NFT holders! 

IOS App Release

The Fanzia App is expected to launch in September of 2022! Upon release, Fans will be able to start completing challenges and redeeming them for exclusive merch, experiences, shoutouts, and NFT's from their favorite brands and artists!